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Public Speaking

  • Marketing in Troubled Times
      (ASEAN / EC Mgmt Centre, Brunei)
  • Development Marketing
       (AIC Conference, Singapore)
  • The Future of Marketing
       (SIM Business Luncheon talk, Singapore)
  • Brand Equity & Perception
       (AIC Conference, Singapore)
  • Destination Marketing
       (ABF Conference, Malaysia)
  • Marketing Management
      (Centre for Mgmt & Dev., Singapore)
  • Team Players & Teamwork
       (Client Training program, Philippines)
  • Personal Success Planning
       (Client Training Program, Philippines)
  • Planning for Profit
       (Ministry of Development, Brunei)
  • Green Marketing
       (Ministry of Resources, Brunei)
  • Business in the 21st Century
       (ASEAN / EC Mgmt Centre, Brunei)
  • Best Practice in E-commerce
       (Asia Pacific Businesswomen's Convention, Australia)
  • Entrepreneurship/APESO
       (APEC Business Forum, Malaysia 1998)
  • Cultivating Entrepreneurship
       (National Innovation Awareness Council, Canberra Australia)
  • YEO Forum Training
       (China, Brunei, India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, America, Korea, Japan and Taiwan)
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