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DMI stands for "Development Management International" and has over 20 years experience in developing new venture projects, lifestyle property developments and other entrepreneurial initiatives through successfully planning and building better people, products, projects and places.

DMI believes dynamic strategic planning for successful venture development is a systematic approach to accountable clear thinking. It requires insight, inspiration, innovation, intuition, perseverance, opportunity and timing. How well these areas are covered will directly impact on how well your business will manage, market and make money.

DMI engage at three strategic levels:

  • State development at a government level
  • Business, project and product development at a corporate level
  • Individual and team development on a personal level

DMI's core skills are:

  • Business planning
  • Marketing consulting
  • Business development
  • Project marketing
  • Sales management
  • Property development
  • Place marketing
  • Destination marketing
  • Training and coaching
  • Technology commercialization
  • Entrepreneur mentors
  • Strategic thinking
  • Mediation counselling
  • Board advisors


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